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Current research has now revealed some exciting possibilities.

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It would appear that the whole Twitchett family tree stems from a single couple that lived in the village of Oakley in Suffolk during the 16th century.

Research has also established that the Twitchett family of Suffolk descended from a member of the Touchet family, via a son of James Touchet, 7th Baron Audley, and his second wife, Joan Bourchier.

The link with the Touchet family gives the Twitchetts an ancestry from a Viking family which became part of the English nobility. During a period roughly spanning the years 1350 to 1500 five members of the Touchet family married women who were descended from the Royal family. This means that all Twitchetts can claim five lines of descent from William I of England (William the Conqueror). Through one of those wives, Margaret de Ros, lines of descent are also established to both the French and Scottish Royal families.

That gives us cause to walk a little taller!