..........hear me sing, while I have breath..

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89 Folk Clubs can't be wrong!...


Photo from Bury Oxjam.  Thanks to Peter Hrebien.






"In From The Cold"

"Folk Miscellany 2"

"Folk Miscellany 3"

"Folk Miscellany 4"

All CD's are available from me, personally, or via



"Many Thousand Miles behind Us"

I also have a track on the CD "Croydon Voices" which has been published to celebrate 50 years of Croydon Folksong Club.  Good memories!


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...and here! 

This is from the Swaffham Free Festival,

so there are other goodies as well.

My bit is at the start.

...and here!

This is also a clip from the Swaffham Free Festival. 

Find me at about 1:36 minutes

Thanks to Micca for the photograph!



“….and now to finish off what ever it is he’s been doing tonight….”


An introduction that sums it all up really. 

"....I'm glad you don't sing lots of songs about people dying all the time...."

(Well....some of them do!)

"....all your songs tell  a compelling story...."

I sing heritage, folk, roots and community music.  I enjoy songs with a story, songs without too many verses and often, ones that the audience can join in with.  Songs with stories behind them make up a sizeable part of my repertoire as often a story in song has an impact you cannot always reproduce in words.

My repertoire reflects a wide mix of influences from my life including influences from the music hall through my Great-Uncles and Aunts!

I leave it to others to tell you their opinions. …

...With a gentle quality in his voice and guitar work, Peter can take the listener into a story and make it come alive. ~ Dan O'Connell

…happy Twitchett to you ~ Olé ~ Le Veaux Gras

... the always consistent Peter Twitchett ~ Milkmaid Folk Club

...part of the fabric of the local folk scene ~ Chris Wilbraham

... Pete is a singer like all my favorite singers, straightforward and never gets in the way of the song he's singing ~ Art Thieme

...Support by highly respected and experienced Peter Twitchett was as always delightful, professional and a great start to the evening. The consummate folk club performer ~ Terry Walden

...a class act ~ Don Thompson


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