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Infamous Twitchetts

Family History would be the poorer if we couldn't find at least one skeleton in our cupboard!

Here are a few we have found!

William Twitchett from Stradishall, Suffolk, who was hanged in 1832.

In the newspaper report from the Bury and Norwich Post 22/8/1832 it says..

"On Wednesday last, William Twitchett was executed within the walls of Bury prison in pursuance of his sentence at our late Assizes for burglary at Stradishall workhouse and for inhumanely beating Mrs Biggs, the mistress.

The wife and three sweet children and brother of the unhappy man took leave of him on Monday. Twitchett addressed the crowd in a firm voice saying, "All you that are standing by take warning from what I am going to suffer, I am innocent of the offence and the Lord knows it".

The rope having been fixed, the drop fell and he died without a struggle. The number of spectators was very large, a great proportion being women.

The Times 1/8/1832 reported William's mother was an inmate of the Stradishall House of Industry at the time.

Two of our Twitchett researchers would love to know if you have any further information!

Joseph Twitchett from Cavendish, Suffolk, who was transported to Tasmania in 1838.

Joseph was convicted of stealing two lambs from Mary Coldham also of Cavendish.  He had an accomplice, one Joseph Newman and on the 14th April 1838 they set sail on the "Lord William Bentinck 2" from Portsmouth, arriving on 26th August 1838.You can read all about the research into Joseph and his family in Issue 14 of "Father's Footsteps"

If you can add to our research, or if you have any skeletons of your own you would like to share ....please let us know!