"In From The Cold"

 "In From The Cold"

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It came as somewhat of a shock to realise that 2007 marked my 40th year in Folk Music!  Although I had started visiting folk clubs in about 1966, it wasn’t until I became a regular at the Croydon Folksong Club in 1967 that I started to sing in public.

Forty Years spent doing anything needs to have some sort of recognition and so, although I had sung a couple of songs on a Croydon Folksong Club cassette, I thought that a CD would mark the occasion well.  Discussion with friends resulted in the production of my CD, “In from the Cold.” 

The CD contains a mixture of songs from my repertoire, traditional folk songs, Music Hall songs and monologues as well as self-penned numbers and it benefits from the backing provided by my daughter, Jackie, Pete Fyfe and Rob Erselius. The jaunty guitar style, as ever, helps the songs to bounce along and I hope that those who hear it will take the same pleasure from it as we did while making it!

My new CD to celebrate 40 years in Folk Music

  The CD

The Tracks:

Gentleman Soldier

Calico Printer's Clerk

Dead Dog Scrumpy

Horniman Rag

Jim Oglethwaite

Mitcham Line Shunty

My Goodness, My Guinness

Billy Bones

Charlie Motts

The Muffin Man's Song

Davey Lowston

Bold Captain Webb


Sing Song Kitty

Lord Franklin

Jumbo Stevens

Walking to the Waddon

 Engineered and produced by Rob Erselius at Rubber Seal Studios & Mastered at R.M.S. Studios