"Folk Miscellany2"  



I am proud to have been asked to put a track on this CD.



Folk Miscellany ~ Volume Two

This compilation is a selection of songs and tunes as performed in many of East Anglia's folk clubs, singarounds and sessions.  All the singers and musicians have a shared passion: their love of the music.

Artists featured:

  • Ablewhites, Trimble & Gill
  • Adam Ball
  • Stig Denson
  • Elaine Halton
  • Julia Sheila Hine
  • Tom Thompson
  • "Take the Floor"
  • Jane Knights
  • Novinka Folksaband
  • "Ouse Washes Molly"
  • Terry Saunders
  • Martin Tabraham
  • The Root Music Sessions Band
  • Peter Twitchett
  • Dawn Wakefield

The CD is now available!

£5 in person

£7 by post (inc postage worldwide)

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